Head of Sales



Life is fun. So should be your vitamins.

Stop reading this and go to your kitchen cabinet. Go ahead, we’ll wait... So? How many vitamins do you see in there that you don’t take? What a pity! Two years ago we set out to change this. We want to make sure that taking vitamins becomes easy, fun and tasty! In the US you can find vitamin gummies in every household, now let’s bring vitamin gummies to Europe!

Yummygums proves that working on a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be annoying or boring. No more big, fat pills, but all the vitamins you are looking for in one tasty gummy! Yummygums is shaking up the dusty old-fashioned vitamin industry with a new way to take your vitamins - fun, young and delicious! Yummygums are vegan, made with natural ingredients and sold through our own webshop, marketplaces and (online) resellers. But we don’t just sell vitamin gummies - we are building a brand from scratch. Let’s make vitamins fun again!

Yummygums started out as a D2C / eCommerce brand and online is what has been driving our growth. Until now, because we believe retail can be a successful new growth driver for our business! Etos listed our products one year ago and this has been a success for both parties. We have been able to come far with our entrepreneurial spirit, but for the next phase, we need experience. And that's where you come in…


Life is fun. So should be your work.

As Head of Sales, you will be responsible for all retail and B2B sales of Yummygums. This includes managing our existing sales channels (Etos, salons and online resellers), but your main focus will be business development - the retail roll-out of Yummygums throughout Europe and beyond.

You will be responsible for the strategy, implementation and execution, so don’t confuse this for a purely strategic role - it will come down to execution, execution and execution. We have quite some ongoing discussions with potential new clients, so we have a pipeline that will help you kick start your role. Initially, you will have to spend some of your time growing existing accounts as well, but as your business grows you could expand your team with an account manager.

Your experience lies in key retail account management and business development within the supplements or food industry. You have a proven track record of increasing revenue and retention. You are an in-control sales manager and demonstrate a strong judgement and a solution-driven mindset. You love to get your hands dirty and can't wait to dig into this new challenge. Your entrepreneurial spirit is felt all the time. You see opportunities everywhere and are not afraid to ask more from others than they are offering. You are a pitbull that does not let go if you think an opportunity can become successfull and you have “Fortune Favors the Bold” tattooed across your chest.


Life is fun. Be your own boss.

We believe that work is part of life and that it should be fun. At Yummygums you won’t have to worry about the basics, as we don’t want you to focus on that. We believe the workplace should be a place to be creative and be the best version of yourself. That’s why we believe in being in a good employer and that starts with trust, fun and freedom.

If you are the Head of Sales and the team player we are looking for, please surprise us with your application at anouk@yummygums.com. Want to try our gummies first? No problem! Send us your address and we'll send some goodies your way!