Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management: the last WMS you will ever need to buy
It is versionless, with continuous access to new capabilities. It was born in the cloud, so when your business needs more, it automatically scales to match that need. It has been infused with intelligence to learn and adapt. It is engineered to be extended, to quickly and easily combine the power of your innovation with ours. Wherever you work, it works. And, it never needs upgrading.

For decades, analysts and experts have recognised Manhattan warehouse management systems as an industry leader. But we understand that just being better is no longer good enough. The rippling effects of the connected consumer and the impacts of a fastand-free fulfilment economy have significantly changed the supply chain landscape in the past decade.

New era 
So, we started over. We spent over three years identifying hundreds of capabilities and needs that had been crippled over time by legacy supply chain software, and we redesigned and rebuilt them. Manhattan Active Warehouse Management now is a unified supply chain execution tool that combines all demand, supply, labour, slotting and automation into a precision instrument of efficiency across every facility in the network, regardless of physical size, velocity or volume.

The most advanced
The incorporation of gamified associate experiences and the re-engineered flexibility of slotting, pick, pack and sort unlocked the full potential of Order Streaming, for real-time orchestration of simultaneous wholesale, retail and direct fulfilment, significantly increasing its potential for picking efficiency and overall throughput. Manhattan Active Warehouse Management is the most technologically and operationally advanced supply chain execution system ever created. And we built it for you - for what you are and what you will become - because your supply chain is what makes you unique, what differentiates you from your competition, and what makes you special to your customers. It’s your supply chain, unified.

Pet Supplies is the first customer to implement Manhattan Active Warehouse Management. You can also watch the video testimonial: