Ever determined to look on the bright side, I stand in awe of all that is great in this world. From technology that wows, to shopping angels that keep on delivering, to everyone’s adaptability in a time of change.

Who hasn’t benefited from the cloud in the last few months: Be it our children on their gaming devices, home workers on video conferencing, stalwarts in the supply chain keeping inventory in-flight or the medical profession maxing out their hours.

The cloud makes our everyday life functional and productive.

  • Connecting with loved ones
  • Shopping for essentials
  • Entertainment on tap
  • Undertaking business operations remotely.

Now, take that fundamental capability and couple it with a business critical application, then sit back and watch the magic happen: scalability, agility, efficiency … on steroids.

As my own personal shopping habits have pivoted more and more to online, the speed with which those parcels arrive through the door offers comfort, sustenance, pleasure and never-ending surprise. I think often about the people involved in that process, the jobs that are needed to keep those wheels in motion and I thank my lucky stars that we live in a world where commerce is alive and kicking. With eCommerce volumes accelerated by six years (according to Forbes), the adaptability around us to cater to this added workload is extreme.

Innovation abounds to continuously finesse the customer experience. My cup runneth over when faced with the rise of robots in the warehouse, the advent of gamification in the work place, the unification of apps across all devices, the next gen iPad that arrived last week (with Apple pencil) and the drone used not only at home for fun and games, but at work too in a filming project. It’s all so very very clever.

In amongst all this forgive me for my new parenting solution for hailing the family to the dinner table … I switch of the WiFi and watch them flock. It works every time.

Stay safe. Stay productive. Be kind. Embrace technology to the full. And make it happen.