As a result of the globalised world we live in today, situations that develop in far flung corners of the world often end up affecting daily routines much closer to home. Whether it’s the war in Eastern Europe threatening energy shortages, the economic pressure caused by spiralling inflation, or confronting bigger societal issues such as the impact of commerce on climate change, we keep pushing the boundaries of possible. 

It is our responsibility and duty as consumers and employees to keep pushing forward and searching for answers and solutions to difficult problems, and at Manhattan Associates that’s exactly what we do every day. Whether it’s finding technical answers to some of the most complicated supply chain and retail questions of the age, or confronting bigger societal issues associated with topics such as the impact of commerce on climate change. And, with industry leading solutions like Manhattan Active® Supply Chain we empower our customers to deliver commerce solutions that are smarter, more transparent, intuitive, efficient and more sustainable. 

The world in 2022 is certainly full of challenges, but it is also full of inventiveness and hope too. In this, the seventh edition of Commerce Trends, sit back, relax and be inspired by stories of innovation and positivity from our experts, partners and customers who have confronted their own challenges and won. And, remember this: there is no trial or test too big or too complicated that we cannot solve when we work together as one global community!