If you ask Emily about her job while you’re at a birthday party it is hard to thoroughly explain in one sentence. With over four years at Manhattan Associates Emily explains why she loves her job.


My day at work looks different every day. The variety of tasks in my role is exactly what I love about my job because it keeps me interested and inspired to continue growing and learning. As a design lead, I can use my creativity in the design process, and I can use my problem-solving skills in evaluating multiple options and selecting the optimal solution. Ultimately, being able to see the solutions that I’ve designed being used by actual store associates or improving end customers shopping experiences on the website or in store is very satisfying because I can see my ideas come to realisation.


Impact, innovation, and change 

Another nice part of my job is the impact I can make on clients. A satisfied client is always the goal, and it gives me satisfaction to know the business of the clients are helped with our work. We live in a world where increasingly faster ecommerce is expected. Consumers have higher expectations, they want faster, cheaper, more, better... In my role, I am challenged to keep up with these changing consumer expectations and to keep up with the way our product is always growing as product enhancements are released every quarter. I feel very fortunate to have gotten to work with such high-quality client teams that are always looking to improve and make progress. We always ask ourselves: what can be done more efficiently and what can be automated? It is key that these processes of our clients always run smoothly, despite the fast pace of new developments. This keeps my work challenging and varied. I try to take a step towards improving processes every day.


Operating worldwide 

Manhattan has a People-First culture and strives for a diverse and inclusive work environment. Unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of each team member are embraced. The dynamic culture supports professional and personal development and stimulates employee engagement, cultivates collaboration, and encourages continuous innovation.

We are able to work with colleagues all over the world, from Australia to Colombia to France to the UK. We’re always learning from each other and bettering our understanding of how people’s experiences differ from our own but also what makes us all similar. This awareness makes us stronger and more connected as a team. Our team in the Central Europe office is dynamic and growing rapidly. Because of the growth it feels like an innovative and agile start-up, while we also are part of a well-established worldwide team of Manhattan Associates so it is really the best of both worlds. That makes my job so special!


Emily Moyer, Principal Consultant, Manhattan Associates